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The Footprints Ltd stand the true leaders in interior designing, space planning, and execution of turnkey projects along with supplying office furniture.

While blending in a breath of fresh air into the current market, at The Footprints Ltd we believe we have a neutral view of what is right for the customer. Our highly qualified team of interior designer, architect and furniture specialist understands the client requirement and introduces the best product to meet that requirement.

We believe, whilst it is important to procure the optimum product solution and design on budget, it is of paramount importance to manage this process in the most efficient manner.

Following this mantra, the company has a proven track of major works done in the country and in course of time has built a network of potential clientele. We are proud to represent some of the most prestigious companies in Malaysia with guaranteed satisfaction in office furniture.

After our success in delivering office furniture we now bring to you new and never seen before designs in home furniture at our furniture store, Live In Joy.

With a great selection, including an exciting new range, we have everything you need to suit your style to make your house a home.





Tune your senses to unadulterated, pure sound quality. IGO, your complete home theatre system – an all-in-one robust unit. Powerful amplifier, subwoofers and speakers bring you great, big, integrated surround sound. You can almost touch the music.

Manufactured by FORMOSA PROSONIC – one of the world’s largest makers of sophisticated speaker systems. Supplier to elite producers: Acoustic Energy, Sony, Panasonic, Yamaha, Kenwood etc.

Fits easily even in small spaces. No need of several crazy twisted cables for separate speakers. Or drilling walls to wreck your interior.

IGO HTS – an exceptional listening experience